Virtual Assistant Bootcamp 2 - Follow up

2018 Virtual Assistant Bootcamp 2 - Recordings

Please take Bootcamp 1 before taking this bootcamp. These are pre-recorded bootcamps where more than 400 aspiring Assistants were in attendance.

In this version of the bootcamp we are going to be hyper-focusing on three key topic areas to provide more in-depth and applicable information to this next class of students.

Here's what we're going to be talking about:

  1. Social Media Strategy – so you know what to recommend and how to execute on it.
  2. Marketing Funnels – so that your clients (and YOU) can generate more leads and make more money.
  3. Internet and Client Management Hacks – So that you can save time, look impressive and scale up your work.

These are classes that are going to give you the tools to start selling highly in-demand services to your clients - and make sure that you are efficient, organized and professional while doing it.

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